Low Income Families Can Get Free Diapers

Many families, especially during this time of year, are having issues keeping up with bills and other responsibilities. When a baby comes, it can cause financial havoc. There are ways low income families can get free diapers and baby supplies to take the burden off.

You just have to be creative in where you find free stuff for your baby.

There are two major players in the diaper market… Huggies and Pampers.

Both have been around forever and do billions every year. And with them being around so long, they are now looking for more innovative ways of getting their products in the hands of consumers who need them.

Families and people like you!

Here is how they are doing this…

Online websites are giving away diapers for a year. They do this in hopes that you will start using their products for many years, after you no longer receive it for free.

Think about it, if you got free diapers for a year from someone. Would you continue to use them because of the goodwill they showed you?

You bet!

The second way they are helping low income families get free diapers is by offering points to buyers. And on many cases you can receive one out of 3 diaper purchases for free.

This will greatly reduce the cost of what you have going out every month from your little poop monster.

The final way, you can score some free diapers is by looking at online publications and blogs. Many times big companies will strategically place free coupons on their site in hopes of people using them and liking the product.

In turn, buying them for years to come. Till the baby is fully grown up!

Wanting free diapers? You can get them at our website, just have a valid email and
where we can send them, click here

37 Responses to “Low Income Families Can Get Free Diapers”

  1. Would like to learn more.

  2. i need diapers because right now i am not working

  3. I need diapers because I have twins and two bigger children. My husband and I are trying very hard to make ends meet and buy clothes, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, keeping food on the tabe, diapers and wipes for our children.

    • Hey Jacenta,

      I hear you, many families today are having trouble keeping things together. What area are you in, I might be able to locate some help in getting you what you might need?

  4. i dont have credit card my credit is bad i have 2 girls age 10 and 11 just cant afford diapers for new baby please help me


    • What area are you in Christina, I might be able to find you some help?

      • I live in Ohio and I got laid off, so far I can’t find a website for help with diapers, I’d love to be able to get free diapers or even some coupons to help…I’m struggling to make ends meet, as is most people now a days…Any help you could suggest is much appreciated.

  6. My name is sherry I have a three month old baby I’m a single mother and I don’t have a jo right now I need diapers and wipes for my like right now. Please someone help me.

  7. i have a newborn little boy i am 18 and cant find a job and have no money for diapers. i am a single parent trying to make it on my own here n texas please help me

  8. My Husband and I minister at a church iun Augusta , Illinois. August 13th we are having a ShareFest for our ommunity. We are giving away necessary items to families in need. We would love to give away diapers. Could you help us????
    God Bless You.
    Pastors Patsy and Jerry Spratt
    Augusta Assembly of God Church
    Augusta, IL

  9. I lost my job several months ago,lost my home and have a 9 month daughter. I’m looking for work but i’m having trouble and can’t support my family right now. Luckily my parents offered their home, but can’t afford to help us with diapers, etc.. Please help! I’m in San Diego. 619-729-9197

    • What area of San Diego are you in?

      • I’m in san Diego also, I have twins and its really hard for me to buy everything double, specially since my husband is laid off. If you can help me out I would gladly appreciate it. Thanks and god bless

  10. I just had a newborn . I have two older children and currently have no income. I am trying really hard to look for work and make ends meet.

  11. I really having a difficult time supporting me and my three children. I can hardly make ends meet. Im just struggling trying to balance life and care for my children. I was recently homeless and just been place into an apartment. I would greatly appreciate any support especially diapers. I currently live on long island which is in NY. please contact me.

  12. I am expecting and I am not employed. I am looking for a job atleast part time so I can make ends meet. I need diapers and wipes. I live in Baltimore Md and I am looking for places to help.

  13. I am a father of 9 kids, recently unemployed and 2 of the kids have health issues (Autism, Cystic Fibrosis for one, the other has Down Syndrome). I need size 5 diapers and I cannot keep buying and buying right now because the cash is not there, is there a way I can receive free diapers, even if only for a while?

  14. I’m expecting a newborn in December. Right now, my family is struggling to get by because I do not have a job. I need some help preparing for the new baby. Is there places that will supply you with things like diapers, wipes, bottles, and things? I could use some help. I’m from Southeastern Kentucky.

  15. South Florida mother to be, looking for assistance, I am on disability and unable to work.. any input would help! Thank you

  16. I have a five month old son that i cannot afford to buy diapers for, i am on unemployment and am a young single mother. I desperately need help, anyone?? please and thank you!!!

  17. i have three in diapers right now, can someone please help me find out how or where i can receive free diapers or extremely cheap diapers in or around cleveland tx?? my husband and i have eight children and are struggling to stay afloat right now. currently it costs $60 every 10-12 days just for diapers, not including wipes to clean three butts every two hours. anyone know of any places or people that can help?? i appreciate the help!

  18. I am a single mother in college with a 2 month old and I am not able to find a job. I am in Texas, can you please help

  19. i am interested in free diapers. i am a sinlge mom. im in technicial school on pell grants and lottery grant. i can barely make ends meet. i would love to find places in humphreys county in tennesse to get free diapers

  20. I need help with diapers! I’m a married 19 year old mother. My husband has metastatic (stage 4) melanoma cancer. He is disabled and only gets 647.00month and 300 goes to our home we are trying to buy. We are falling extreamly we dont have enough to pay our bill and everything we need. I cant get a job around this area. We are struggling with just one 13 month boy and hes almost grew out off the clothes he did have. If i dont get help now we will be doomed! We looked everywhere and we need help bad! Can someone help PLEASE??????


  22. I have 9 month old twins and am pregnant again. We barely make ends meat with only my husbands income. Free diapers would be wonderful, we live in Burley, Idaho. Thanks

  23. I live in san Diego with my 2 year old autistic son. I can afford food or diapers. I have chosen to feed him and diaper him at the expense of my meals. Is there any help in san Diego? Thank you

  24. I have 2 kids and need help with diapers. Norfolk county Ma

  25. Is there any help available in the Mississippi area I know that I am going to need help. My baby is due next month.

  26. I am a single mother of two, a twelve year old and a 3 week old baby, I woulod like to know if there is anything you can tell me on how to get free diapers and wipes for the baby since I am not able to go back to work right at this moment. I live in the Las Vegas Nevada area. Unfortunately I don’t have any family here to help me. Any helpwill be appreciated. Thank you.

  27. i have 2 daughter,22 months and 5 weeks.my husband has cancer and he can not work,i need to take care of him and my daughters so i can not work either.we can not afford anything anymore.please tell me how to get free diaper,i am potty trainin my daughter but takes forever,she just trying to but not every day.I live in San Antonio,tx.

  28. My brother and m y sister in law just had their 4th baby and its getting hard for them to buy their necesities cause my brother opened a deli last year but is investing way more money than he makes. I would like some info about how to help them get free or cheap baby stuff. Thnk u!

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